Farah NE Show

by FarahNurhanna
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Farah NE Show

My NE Show..

Last Saturday, my P5 friends and I went to the NE show. The very fun part is that at the lights all switch off. We were all shouting till our voice turned hoarse... Hahaha..

Singapore Flag

Before we went to the NE Show, we were all waiting for further instruction. My friends truly excited about the show..

Let me tell you more about My NE Show.. In the afternoon, we still in the bus chatting and laughing... When we almost reached at the Padang, it started to rain.. But in our goodie bag there has a poncho for us to wear in the raining day.. Not so long, the rain has stop.. Then we were finding place for our classates to sit..

acknowledgement; Sing a song for Singapore; youtube.com

Click the arrow to hear the wonderful song

Thank You!!

Done by Farah Nurhanna


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