Far North

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Far North

Climax:After the incident, the remaining 3 take what supplies they had retrieved from the plane and set up camp upriver. They have a rifle but no bullets. Later, Johnny finds 4 or 5 shells for the rifle in a tackle box. The group then travels further upriver on a rise above a small creek a few 100 feet from the river. Johnny eventually gets a moose and the group feasts on it. After some time staying near the river, the group starts to feel chills very harsh, and Gabe suggests they start moving into the canyon, to get closer to the native's village of Nahanni Butte. The rest of the group reluctantly complies and they build a raft to sail down the rapids into the canyon with.

Rising Action:Gabe Rogers heads to Yellowknife. He meets his roommate in his dorm room in the school. His name is Raymond Previdence. Eventually, both boys get into a bush plane with a bush pilot named Clint. They are soon airborne along with another passenger, which is Raymond's grand uncle, Johnny Raven. Eventually the plane lands into the river feeding into Viriginia Falls, so the group can get a good look at the falls. But when landing, the plane's engine stops and the group is forced to evacuate the plane. While trying to get emergency supplies off the plane, Clint unfortunately perishes down into the falls with the plane, as the string preventing the plane from falling was broken.

Characters:Gabe Rogers: From Texas, and is the main character of the story. Dad is an oil rigger. He has light brown hair and is about 15 years old. He has blue eyes.Raymond Providence:Is a Native Dene. He is the grandnephew of Johnny Raven. He has dark hair, light brown skin, and plays elctric guitar and hockey. He is about Gabe's age. Johnny Raven:Is a native Dene. He is the grand uncle of Raymond. He is very old, and speaks little english. He is also very skinny but is a good hunter.

Far NorthBy: Will HobbsReport By: Rashane Thapa

Setting 1:At a residential school In Yellowknife, in the NW Territories.

Setting 2:Along the South Nahanni River. Later, at Patterson's Cabin down in Deadmen's Valley.

Conclusion:After a long journey through the rapids into the canyon, the group eventually finds a cabin, once stayed in by a friend of Johnny's. the group continues to camp there. After a while, Johnny goes hunting and does not return. the two find him lying in the snow dead, presumably from a heart attack. They take his body back to the cabin, where thay burn him outside. Soon after, a bear attacks the cabin, and Raymond goes for a tree. He falls from it and breaks his leg. Gabe then decides to start to head for Nahanni Butte, carrying Raymond on a sled along with their other supplies. they get there and are warmly welcomed. Even Gabe's dad is there. The story ends after Raymond makes a speech about Johhny at a feast celebration and the rest of the group eats.

Story Message:throughout the story, lessons of respecting nature and elders can be found. For elders, Johnny Raven could be seen as important as he was the one who got the group food, and knew most about the country. For nature, it could easily be seen in the story, such as Johnny telling the group not to waste the moose meat, as it was disrespectful, and how that seemed to affect them in the future.

About the Author:Will hobbs is an American children's book author, best known for his young adult novels. He was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on August 22, 1947. he is currently 66 years old.


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