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by kayleeavila
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Fantasy Book Report

Main Characters and Setting*TinkerBell-a hardworker that never lets anyone out*Terrance-he is helpful and believes in everyone*Setting-Pixie Hollow

The Trouble With TinkBy: Kiki ThorpePresented by: Kaylee Avila

Review/Recomendation I would reccomend this book to anyone who grew up with these kind of faries and they are now older. I would give this a five out of five stars because I grew up with these kind of things.

SummaryTinkerbell is hard working tinkerer who always gets the job done. Then, her hammer goes missing and everything goes downhill from there. There are rumors about how she lost her talent, so she goes and gets her spare hammer from Peter Pan.

Falling ActionTink goes with Terrance to Peter Pan's hideout to get a spare hammer that she has there, which she's been avoiding doing because shedidn't want to see Peter Pan.

ClimaxEveryone in the village start rumors that Tink lost her talent. So, the other tinkerers think she should take some time off. Tink becomes incredibly upset from the rumors and losing her talent.

Rising ActionWhen Tink comes back, she discovers that her hammer is gone and she can't tinker without it. She looks everywhere and doen't find it.

ExpositionTink is fixing a pot for somebody when Terrance invites her to play tag in the courtyard. She goes to play and decides that she'll work on the pot later.

ResolutionTink and Terrance see Peter Pan and they are happy to see each other. Peter Pan has no problem with Tink comg to get her hammer and she takes it. When she returns to Pixie Holow, she is back to doing her talent and being the best at it.



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