Fantasy Book Report

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Fantasy Book Report

Characters can have special powers.Animals act like people.Describe the characters.

Place is imaginary or of another world or universe. Time is anytime or no time. Fantasy time (Once upon a time sets the stage and They lived happily ever after closes the tale.) any time or any place, timeless or placeless, or long long ago. Time travel is possible.


Author: Ms. Nelson

Book report

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Varied, but usually suprising twists or developments. Involving situations not possible in our realistic world. Full of action and follows specific and simple patterns. The plot starts right out with fast moving action that grabs the listeners interest and keeps it. Conflicts are usually resolved with great deeds or acts of human kindness related to good and bad/evil.


Title: Fantasy Book Report

Do you like the book?

The characters solve a problem by using magic or impossible strategies. What type of conflict was it? Person vs Person? Person vs Self? Person vs Society? Person vs Nature?

How was the problem resolved? Was there a lesson learned?

Did you enoy the book? Why? Can you relate to any of the characters? How so? Would you recommend this to another student? Why?

I like the Book!






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