Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Report

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Fantastic Mr. Fox Book Report

Author: Roald Dahl

Title: Fantastic Mr. Fox

SettingDown in a valley, there were 3 farms belonging to rich angry farmers. On a hill outside of the valley were the woods where Mr. Fox and his family live in a hole underneath a gigantic tree in these woods.


Summary, conflict

What do I think about the Book?

Mr. Fox provides for his family every night by creeping onto the farms of Boggis, Bunce and Bean and stealing the animals of their farms. Boggis, Bunce and Bean are sick of it and wait outside Mr. Fox's foxhole with guns one night. When Mr. Fox creeps out of the hole, the farmers shoot his tail off and he's forced back in the hole. From here, the book is a game of cat and mouse as the farmers do anything in their power to starve them out or dig them out in order to catch Mr. Fox. Mr. Fox and his friendly band of thieves attempt to outwit and steal from Farmers Boggis, Bunce and Bean before they starve or are caught by the men.

CharactersMr. Fox, Mrs. Fox, Badger, Rat, Mr. and Mrs. Fox's 4 Small Childrenvs.Famers Boggis, Bunce, and Bean

This is a book that is timeless and enjoyable for all ages. In the classroom, it is especially noteworthy of the use of alliteration and limericks throughout the story. The book manages to get you to root for the "not-so-perfect" protagonist, Mr. Fox even as he cunningly steals from the farmers. It is a great book for introducing "sound" words, alliteration, voice and imagery.


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