Famous Woman of the Civil War

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Famous Woman of the Civil War

famous women of the civil war

Hello, I am Clara Barton and I was the leader the Red Cross for 22 years. I was born in New Oxford, Massachusetts .I started of my career as a teacher and being the founder of two schools. After teaching i got into writing and languages and moved to Clinton, New York. AS the civil war went on I had the urge to help so I became known as "angel on the battlefield”. I would get supplies for injured soldiers. In the begging of this career men didn’t like the idea of women helping on the battlefield but we proved them wrong. I got the idea of bringing the Red Cross from Europe to America when I visited Geneva and then signed the treaty and became the leader or the American Red Cross. I retired from the president of the red cross when I was 83 and spent the remaining part of my life in Maryland until I passed away with cold complications.

I am rose O'neal greenhow, I was a confederate spy. Being a spy was my passion. i was born in Montgomery county, Maryland .I was a supporter of John C. Calhouns sectinaal compromise and commended by Jefferson Davis for winning the battle of Manassa. We won that war by finding lee's battle plans and knowing exactly where he was heading. After working as a spy for many years i was buried in october 1864 in oakdale cemetery and my coffin was covered in the confederate flag and i was carried by the loyal confederate troops.

Iam harrietbeecher stowe.I was born in Litchfield, Connecticut.I have 7 siblings i am the 7th. I was a school teacher at both of my sisters schools. The first school i taught at started in 1823 and the seconed school began in 1832. I married Calvin Stowe in 1836 and we had 7 children like my parents. I started wrinting in 1834.I wrote my famous book Uncle Toms Cabin in 1850. I opened peoples eyes about how slves are treated. Everyone up north thought slaves were part of the masters family until iI came out with this story. This story was a best seller for many years and hasnt stopped being printed. I passed away in Hartford,CT.



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