Famous Upon Death

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Famous Upon Death

Galileo was born on February 15, 1564. He studied science from the time he was eight till he died. He studied at the University of Pisa and later started to work there. Soon after taking the job his father passes and he resigns from his job. A year later he takes a job at the University of Padua. In eight short years he developed his own telescope to test out and begin studies. Through many years of discoverys and recordings Galileo was imprisoned for false studies of his belief of the solar systems obits and placings. He was interrogated twice then sent home under house arrest. In his third interrogation he pleads for mercy for his false studies. In his final interrogation he is alas founded guilty and is charged with heresy. He dies under house arrest in Arcetri, Italy.


February 15, 1564- Birth of Galileo.Summer 1581- Enrolls in the U of Pisa.1585- Leaves university without degree.Summer 1589- Hired as a lecturer in mathmatics at the U of Pisa.1591- Father dies.Autum 1592- Takes post at U of Padua.Summer 1609- Develops own telescope.Autum 1609- Makes first observation with telescope.April 12, 1633-Interrogated and imprisoned for false studies.April 30, 1633- Interrogated again allowed to return home.May 10, 1633- Third interrogation/begs for mercy.June 21, 1633- Final interrogation/ officially charged with heresy.December 1633- Returns home under house arrest.January 8, 1642- Dies.

Lasting Impact

Galilleo impacted our world today by advancing the telescope, the water themometer, and the compound microscope.


Galileo Galilei


Compound Telescope

Galileo in interrogation

Water Themometers

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Fame Upon Death


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