Famous people inquriy on Don Merton

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Famous people inquriy on Don Merton

Don designed a box that woudn't hurt them inside and they really had to be careful as there was only five robins and only one breeding pair the breeding birds were Old Blue and its mate OldYellow and because of them there was 250 of them in the early 2000s.

In what way did he take the Black Robin safely down the rocky cliffs of little Mangere island?

Where did hesearch for the Kakapo?

How did the South island saddleback get saved?

The species of bird that took care of the black robins chicks and eggs were the Chatham islands Tomtit the team that were trying to save them would remove the eggs that the Black Robins layed would be removed into the Tomtits nests and then when they were older enough they would put them back into there parents nest and they would lern to be Robins.

He got the privilege because he had saved to species or ready the South Island Saddleback and the Black Robin he also got the privilege to name the 100th Kakapo later on but the few years after that he died.

A guy in the team had brang a recorder so they set it up and found one Saddleback singing they recorded it then they caught it they used it's song to artract other birds then they caught them to they had also done the same thing with the Bush Wren and Stewart Island Snipe when they had these birds they transported them to predator free islands but the Bush Wren And Stewart Island Snipe didn't manage it and died out.

Why did he get the privilege to lead a last search for the Kakapo when he had retired?

What was the name of the foster parents that took care of the eggs and chicks of the Black Robin?

Don Merton the Bird Brain

Don searched for the Kakapo in Foriland and Cod Fish Island In Foriland there they found very few Kakapo and they were all old males then they searched Cod Fish Island they found some males that wern't old and some females this is how they recoverd


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