Famous people in forensic science

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Famous people in forensic science


Famous People In Forensic Science

Sir Arthur Conan doyle

Alex Jefferys

He went to Merton College, Oxford to study biochemestry and genetics. He (along with Dr Richard Flavell) was the first to discover split genes. He was also the first to discover inherited variation in human DNA. http://www2.le.ac.uk/departments/genetics/jeffreys/biography

Born in 1877 - died in 1966Reffered to as the Sherlock Holmes of France. Known for helping to improve the dactylography, which is a study dealing with fingerprints. He is best known for Locard's Exchange Principal. http://aboutforensics.co.uk/edmond-locard/

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Born May 22, 1859Died July 7 1930Author of the Sherlock Holmes novels.At the age of 9 he was shipped off to England to attend Hodder Place. Worked as aship surgeon amoung a ship sailing for the Artic Circle. His novels exposed people to forensic science and is one of the first authors to use document analisis, fingerprinting, eyc. in his books.https://prezi.com/cfmcexlbwla5/sir-arthur-conan-doyles-effect-on-forensic-science/http://www.biography.com/people/arthur-conan-doyle-9278600#medical-education-and-career

Edmond Locard

1853-1914He is the son of a medical professor.His career was measuring characteristics of criminals, which were recorded on cards and are now known as mug shots. One of his biggest contributions to forensic science was recording a crime scene by taking pictures.https://www.nlm.nih.gov/visibleproofs/galleries/biographies/bertillon.html


Born in 1822- died in 1911He is a relative of Charles Darwin. He began studying medicine in just his teens. Most of his forensic studies had to do with fingerprints. http://www.biography.com/people/francis-galton-9305647#early-life


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