Famous people 1400

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Famous people 1400

MasaccioHis frescoes are the first masterpieces of the Early Renaissance art. A fresco is a painting done on fresh, wet plaster with water-based paints. He painted human figures and made them with depth which made them "come alive". He created the illusions of 3-Dimensions, which lead to a new realistic style.

Leonardo da VinciHe was the model Renaissance man. He was an artist, scientist, inventor, and visionary. He mastered the art of realistic painting and even dissected human bodies to futher understand their workings. He later wanted to go beyond realism and create idealized forms that capture the perfection of nature in the indivisual. He could not express his vision of perfection fully in a realistic style.

Filippo BrunelleschiHe was inspired by the buildings of classical Rome. He also designed the church of San Lorenzo. He made it with classical columns and rounded arches in the churches interior design create an environment that does not overwhelm the worshiper, as gothic cathedrals might. He came up with a way to build the large exterior dome. He also rediscovered the classical principles of linear-perspective construction, which has disappeared from use during the Middle Ages. These principles helped Renaissance artists create realistic imagery.

Michelangelo BuonarrotiHe was an accomplished painter, sculptor, and architect during the high renaissance. He was fiercely driven by his desire to create so he worked with great passion and energy. His figures he made on the ceiling in Rome depicit an ideal type of human being with perfect proportions. The beauty of this idealized human being is meant to be a reflection of devine beauty, the more beautiful the body, the more godlike figure.

Francesco PetrarchHe Is often called the father of Italian Renaissance humanism. He looked for forgotten Latin manuscripts and set in motion a search for simular manuscripts in monastic libraries throughout Europe. He also began the humanist emphasis on using pure classical Latin. Petrarch decribed the intellectual life as one of solitude.

DanteWrote Divine Comedy. He worte it in the dialect of his native florence, which would later become the Italian language. It is a long poem describing the soul's journey to attain paradise. He rgued that he had written it in Latin so that only scholars would have been able to understand it.

Johannes GutenbergHe developed the movable printer and developed the worlds first majior printed books in 1455. Especially the forty-two line bible. He started developing it in 1438. He had tons of practice making these books and even opened a printing shop after his reasearch was completed. He later died in 1468.

History of Famous people in the 1400s


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