Famous Missourians

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Famous Missourians

A 4th Grade Pathfinder

Famous Missourians

Many famous people have called Missouri "home." This pathfinder will help you find information on the Internet, in books, a video, and database articles about your famous Missourian. Complete your outline as you research.

Famous Missourians Video

Internet Sites!Missouri Kids!Missouri BiographiesFamous Missourians from St. LouisHall of Famous Missourians50States Famous Missouri PeopleTimeline of Missouri HistoryWorld Atlas - Famous people of Mo.State History GuideAmerica's Story - America's LibraryBiography.com

Encyclopaedia Britannica Articles"Satchel Paige""Molly (Margaret Tobin) Brown""Betty Grable"To access our school Encyclopaedia Britannica account, click here. Ask your teacher for the user name and password.

Books!For a listing of books about Missouri and famous Missourians, click here!

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