Famous Medical Scientists

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Scientific Biographies

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Famous Medical Scientists

Sigmund FreudFreud was an Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist, although he is better known as the Father of Psychoanalysis. He treated patients with “hysterical” illnesses and neurosis.

James BlundellBlundell was a British obstetrician. He was the obstetrician who performed the successful transfusion of human blood to a patient for treatment of a hemorrhage.

Famous Medical Scientists






Marie CurieMarie Curie was a Polish born scientist, whose research helped to develop radiation as a therapeutic tool. Curie’s research identified that it can do localized damage to a targeted area of the body, and could be useful in treating cancerous tissue. Curie is the discoverer of both Radium and Polonium and in 1911 she was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry for her discoveries

Sir Archibald McIndoeArchibald McIndoe was a doctor from New Zealand. In 1938 he was made the consultant plastic surgeon to the Royal Air Force. He greatly improved the treatment and rehabilitation of badly burned aircrew.

Florence Nightingale is possibly the most famous nurse in history, she is known as “the Lady with the Lamp”. During war in Eastern Europe, she improved the hygiene conditions in the hospital during the war, causing the death rate to drop. She was the first female member of the Royal Statistical Society.

Florence nightingale



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