Famous Math Equations

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Famous Math Equations

Energy equals mass times the speed of light squared. This equation was discovered by Einstein. The equation changed the way humans thought of the world. It was used for Neuclear weapons.

Famous Math Equations

The Pythagorean Theorem

Einstein's theory of relativity

Newton's universal law of gravitation

It was discovered by Pythagorus! It proves that square C is equal to the sum of square B&A. Today is equation is used in the GPS. This equation made mapmaking and navigation more easier and accurate

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This equation calculates the force of gravity between two objects. It was discovered by Isaac Newton. It explains how the world works such as the way earth orbits around the sun. This equation made satelite tv possible.


There are many famous math equations, these are only some of them. Together these math equations changed us and the way we think forever. Without these equations we might not understand the world as clearly as we do today and we might not be as develped.


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