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Famous Leader

Obama plans to enforce laws on gun control. The increased numbers in shootings have him filling in local laws with these nation wide ones. One strength of his is definetly his motivation to make things right.

Famous Leader


Donald Trump is a very successful and outspoken man. He is running for president in 2016 and had some very controversial views. He believes that immigrants are bad and has even said that he could have prevented 9/11. His strength is that he is so outspoken and truthful but that may be his weakness because not all people will aggree with him. His other strength is that he is very well known. People know him from the hit T.V show "The Apprentice." This could also be a weakness becasue he could be a target towards more critisizim.

Kim Jon Un stated that he is "ready for war with the U.S." This is a good thing for North Korea because they now have faith in their leader. His one strength is definetly his courage but it is also a disadvantage becasue if North Korea ever needs help some countries will not be willing to help.

Kim Jon Un

Donald Trump


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