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The Last Czar - Nicholas ll

Three Key Events- When Nicholas ll was thirteen his grandfather, Alexander ll was asasinated by a bomber.- When Nicholas ll was nineteen he joined the army and spent three years in service.- Nicholas ll inherited the throne in 1894 when his father died of kidney disease.

Background InformationNicolas ll was born in Pushkin, Russia on May 18th, 1868. He was the only son born into his family therefore inheriting the throne when his father, Alexander lll, died. Nicholas ll was executed by the Bolsheviks on July 17th, 1918 in Yekaterinburg, Russia.


"There is no justice among men." - Czar Nicholas ll

"I am not yet ready to be a Tsar. I know nothing of the business of ruling."

Short SummaryCzar Nicholas ll was the ruler of Russia 1895-1918. He inherited the throne from his father whom died of kidney disease. When told he was going to be ruler he told people that he didn't think he was ready. Nicholas ll married Princess Alix of Hesse-Darmstadt. He was then expected to have children so that he would have a heir to the throne. He had three daughters Olga, Tatiana, Anastasia. Finally he had a son named Alexei who had hemophilia. Nicholas focused more on his family than on his duties as ruler. In 1905 Nicholas ll wanted to improve working conditions and establish a popular assembly. Though, demonstrators appealed and killed more than a thousand people creating the day called "Bloody Sunday". Workers throughout Russia went on strike, thousands of uprisings occurred, eventually Nicholas ll conceded. After this event lots of tension was left; this event led to his, and his family's execution.

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