Famous Discoverer II

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Famous Discoverer II

San Martin was born in Yapeyu in the Province of Corrientes, Argentina, the youngest son of Lieutenant Juan de San Martín, the Spanish governor. Yapeyu was a beautiful town on the Uruguay River, and young José lived a privileged life there as the governor's son.

Believed in strict military discipline

Jose de San Martin


*Born in Argentina*Spent time in Spain as a career military officer

Argentina declared it's independence in 1816

*Spanish forces in Chile and Peru posed a threat for San Martin's army. * Led his army across the Andes to Chile *San Martin left his army for Bolivar to command*San Martin became the liberator of Argentina, Chile and Peru.

At the age of nineteen he was serving with the Spanish navy, fighting the British on several occasions. At one point, his ship was captured, but he returned to Spain in a prisoner exchange.

San Martín’s contribution to the cause of independence was his military skill. The boldness of his plan to attack and by crossing the Andes to Chile and going on by sea, as well as the patience and determination with which he executed it, was undoubtedly the decisive factor in the defeat of Spanish power in southern South America.


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