[2015] Ria Srivastava: Famous Discoverer

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[2015] Ria Srivastava: Famous Discoverer

Ferdinand Magellan's voyages were sponsered by King Charles V of Spain. The reason that Magellan went on his voyage was the lack of spices in Europe. Food was bland and sometimes there wasn't even salt! He wanted to travel across the globe to the Spice Islands.

Magellan's ImportranceThe expedition that Ferdinand Magellan took was important in many ways. One was that it was the first expedition to cross the whole world! Though Magellan died before finishing it, some men made it back the whole way. Also, on his trip Magellan found the Magellan Strait. Last, he was considered the first European to cross the Pacific Ocean and he was the man to name it.

Ferdinand Magellan

Ferdinand Mallegan was born on May 19, 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal. He died on April 27, 1521 in a battle with native people. Some people say he was shot with a poisonus arrow and others say he was stabbed.

Interesting Facts

Magellan's Voyage


May 19, 1480Magellan is born in Sabrosa, Portugal

September 20, 1519 Magellan sets sail in his small fleet of five ships

Magellan leaves Portugal, his hometown for Spain

October 21, 1520Magellan finds the Strait of Magellan

April 27, 1521 Magellan is killed in Phillipines in a battle with natives

November, 1520 Magellan is considered the first European to reach what is now the Pacific Ocean. He names it Peaceful or Pacific in Spanish.

-Though Ferdinand's voyage was Spanish, his crew consisted of French, Greek, Portugese, and German men! -Because Magellan's expedition was sponspored by King Charles of Spain and not his hometown's king, Magellan was considered a traitor to Portugal-When Magellan reached what is now Argentina, he claimed to have seen ten foot giants roaming the lands of Patagonia. They captured one which was later named Paul. Sadly, he died during their voyage-When the Victoria came back to Spain, she only had eighteen men on board. This spooked explorers and it wasn't until about one hundred years later when a sailor took a voyage across the whole world- Most of Magellan's men died from sea sickness or from the battle with natives.








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