Famine in Ukraine 1922-33

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Famine in Ukraine 1922-33

It all started when Joseph Stalin was elected to become the Soviet Union leader in Ukraine. He was the person to start the famine-genocide in Ukraine. Stalin wanted everyone to obey his orders and policies. By doing so, he took over all farmer's land to create collective farms. If any Ukranian peasant refused to obey or got caught hiding grains, they would either be executed, deported to prison or forced-labour camps. From this, he only wanted money to form a Soviet army and to accomplish his plans made for the countries he controlled. Not only did he want the money, but he wanted to Ukranians to forget about their traditional agriculture ways and to adapt to his new agriculture. Approximately 7-10 million Ukranians has died due to either starvation or murder.

Stalin's Ultranationalist Actions

Joseph Stalin was a very harsh man when it came to his plans. He would do anything to pursue his primary interests. He created a famine-genocide. He stole land and crops from the Ukranians to collect money for industrialization of the USSR. This obviously led to the starvation across the Ukraine. He then blocked Ukraine's borders so nobody could leave to buy food. If any Ukranian peasants was caught hiding any grains, no matter if you were a woman or a child, you would either be executed or be deported to forced-labour camps.

How the Ukranian's prevented the abuse

The only way the Ukranian's could prevent the abuse given to them, was to just obey Stalin's orders and policies or kill themselves so they wouldn't have to go through starvation and hard labour work. They didn't really have any other choice. If they obeyed him, then they would keep living their lives with not as much stress as they would if they did not obey him. For some things, they wouldn't be executed or sent to prison or labour camps. The only abuse that they couldn't prevent, was starvation. They weren't able to prevent this abuse because Stalin wanted to sell all the crops for money so he could pursure his primary interests. Though, if they killed themselves then they wouldn't have to be starved or do hard-labour work without getting anything out of it. You would not get paid if you obeyed him.

A Question to think about...

We have given 2 ways that theUkranian's could do to preventthe abuse that was given to them. Analyze the topic and think of another way they could prevent the abuse.

Famine in Ukraine 1932-33

What Happened?


1924 - Joseph Stalin became the Soviet Union leader.1929 - Over 5000 of wealthy Ukranian people were either executed, deported to prison or forced-labour camps in Russia due to false accusations of forming an armed rebellion. 1932 - Stalin led the Famine-Genocide by setting very expensive prices for grains in Ukraine.1933 - Starvation became a problem among all of Ukraine. Almost 25,000 people were starved to death everyday. About 7 million people died during this man-made famine.

The Terrible Ukranian Famine 1932-33.


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