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Period 1Family 2

Distractions are everywhere in this world. People can get distracted by many things such as objects; such as eyebrows, eyelashes, music, opposite gender, and perfection. In my Family, family two, we believe that humans naturally want to be cool and give in to extra items that give them pleasure. St. Augustine said “Our hearts are Restless! Until they rest in you!” In fact, society often pressures us to believe that we will be happy with useless objects. In our poster, God is at the top representing that he is the true way to be fulfilled. In the middle of our poster is a group of people surrounded by objects that will make them perfect, representing all the objects that men and women want and think that will make them perfect. At the bottom of our poster is the earth representing our society and what our society truly is.

Our review on our pointillism picture is that the pie represents each different individuality , each persons different personality and there characteristics . Also how each individual has their strengths and their weaknesses . Each fruit has a different meaning to it . On how society is different in each and every way because no one is perfect, but society has influenced us to be the best we can be . So everyone has the instinct that they have to be perfect. In conclusion, our pointillism picture represents the differnt points of view in society on how everyone is their own person .

Bayley Weber,Molly Renze,Lana Foley,Sam Matos,Kristina Foley,Christine-Marie Johnnie


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