Family types

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Family types

This family type originates from the divorce,seperation or death of one of the parents & consists of a consulting adult and their own/adopted children.

Members are provided with emotional as well as economic stability through the pooling of resources, additionally there maybe numerous role models for the younger ones however some of the negatives includes an increas in the cost of basic neceessities there may aslo be disagreements among family members.

The nuclear Family is a traditional family and most often consists of two married consulting adults of the opposite sex, with ther own or adopted children living under the sam roof supporting and maintaining each other.


Types of families



Negatives and postives

Members of this family have privacy, emotional and economic stability. However in compairson to the Extended family ther may be a lack of support is both parents are employed.

Within this type of family the children may have greater responsibility.Like the other family types there is also emotional and economic stability.

Negatives and postives

This type of famiy extends beyond the nuclear and are not related by direct blood line but seperated by several generations which includesbut is not limited to grand- parents as well as aunts, uncles and cousins

Negatives and postives



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