Family Partnerships (EDEL 552)

by bekahpenner
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Family Partnerships (EDEL 552)

Students & their Families Today The structure of the traditional family has changed over time. According to Cox-Peterson (2010), only about 4 percent of children in the classroom come from the traditional family of a biological mother and father living in the same house with two children. Today families exist with single parent homes, adopted or foster children, two moms or two dads as well as children who live with their grandparents. In this changing environment it is important the classroom be inclusive where every student and guardian feel welcomed and comfortable.

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The changing "Family Tree"


Glog by: Bekah Penner

- Provide multicultural books and materials in the classroom - Welcome families into the classroom at the beginning of the year and onward so everyone feels invitied - Procide parent and guardian volunteer opportunities in the classroom- Have parent-teacher conferences to collaborate and communicate about the student's education - Educate families and students about diversity - Obtain materials for students to be able to represent themselves appropriately - Incude famliy assignments where students and their famlies have free will to define themselves as best fitting - Have family nights throughout the year where parents and guardians are invited and involved with students' hands-on learning

Strategies in the Classroom

- Frequent newsletters sent home - Parent-teacher confernces/ student-led conferences - Home visits - Reflective journals - Surveys or questionaires

Strategies to encourage frequent parent communication



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