Family of India

by SWills
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Family of India

This is my sister Jalyn.She is 7 years old and she is meaner than she looks!!!

This is Chloe my little sister.She is 5 years old and she is really bossy!!

India's Family

I'm Indie the big sister who has to take care of my little sisters.I'm 10 years old,Im in Mrs.Smith's class (As you all know),and I LIKE WAFFLES!!! P.S Theres more to know but I cant put it all on here.

This is Gizmo our Puppy.He is almost 2 years old.He is a very lazy puppy, but we still Love him!!!!

This is my mom Tammie!! I get on her nerves , but she still loves me!!

Grandpa/Papa doesnt like pictures so I couldn't get a picture of him.He likes to watch Television and lay in the bed all day but he is really helpful when you need him!!!!We Love Him Also!!!!!

This is my Grandma she is really nice once you get to know her.I Love her too!!!!!

Do Not Disturbe

My Family is CRAZY!!!!!

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We Are The Terrells


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