Family Memories

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Family Memories

One of my favorite family traditions is Family Game night.Every couple of months, our family gets together for a night of fun. From classic games like uno and monopoly to newer games like partini and quelf, it is never a dull moment. Wether its just for an hour or all night long, it is always so much fun to get together with close family and play games.

Our most recent game night was two weeks ago when we decided to turn game night into a slumber party at my parents house. We started the night by all having dinner together. Then we decided to watch the movie "Inside Out" which we all loved. The night continued with Uno Attack, Apples to Apples, Flippin Frogs, Disney Trivia, and Spoons.

What happens when you play Quelf? Oh not much you just have to be mummified until the dice lands on 4 (which did not happen the rest of the game).

We tend to get a little competitive!


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