Family Life & Roles of Women

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Family Life & Roles of Women

MarriageParents chose their childrens husbands and wives. This happened often for political, buisness or social reasons. Girls could marry at age twelve or at least 14. The day of the wedding had to be well planned because many days in Roman calendar were thought as unlucky.


Some older boy's did go to school where they learned reading writing and rhetoric. Ages 14 to 16 years old is when a Roman boy celebrates himself becoming a man. He first burns his toys as an offering to the household gods. He would then be provided with his own toga. Once he is at a certain age he may join his family's buisness or his own, and or become a soldier.

If their family were wealthy, the parents would hire a tutor. So they would study reading and writing at home. They too also learned household duties from their mothers. Girls could marry at the age of twelve but most waited till they were fourteen. Once they were married they were considered to be a women.


The father was the head of the household, he is called the paterfamilies. He had complete control over family members. He was the punisher if his children disobeyed.He also arranged their marriages. The paterfamilies made sure his children were educated. Unfortunately, romans who were poor couldn't afford thier children to go to school. Women who stayed home taught their daughters household duties. Women weren't much of an option to look for advice back in ancient rome.


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Family Life&Roles of Women

Roles of Women

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When a girl has been married they were considered to be a women. The freedoms a women in Rome would enjoy depended on her husband's wealth. They had independence. Their work was they could own land, runbusinesses, and sell property. Women managed the household and enslaved people. Which left them free to study literature, art, and fashion. Unlike women with less money, they spend alot of time working in their houses or helping their family-run shops. They were able shop, visit friends, worship at temples and go to the baths. A few worked independently, served as priestesses, while others work as hairdressers and even doctors.

Facts.Husbands take their wife's advice privately..Roman women had some rights, so they were not full citizens..Wealthy women sometimes took advantage over their husband's wealth..Family was very important to the Romans.


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