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Family is...

Family is...



Blood Relatives

Significant Other

"Friends are the family we choose"We hear this so often and I fully agree. Our friends are people who we can relate to due to common interests and similar life events. I know that I am able to count on my friends to be there if I need help or simply need someone to talk to.

It seems strange to say, but I feel that some of my co-workers are family. They make coming to work each day worthwhile because I know I can rely on them and trust them. I can share things about my life and they are there to listen and give advice.

I felt it important to state that a significant other is family. They are someone you choose to spend your life with and who you must trust the most. Your significant other is the person who you go home to everyday and who makes you feel loved and important.

Of course blood relatives are family. They are the ones who you share a past with, who knew you before friends, co-workers and significant others. As a result blood relatives know you in a special way that many others never will. For me I know I will always feel a connection to my blood relatives because we have all been through so much together during my life.

Families come in all shapes and sizes

Family is someone who makes you feel loved

someone you can trust, rely on, listens to you, loves you, gives advice and so much more...

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