family history

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family history

today's the day! We're leaving Independence and heading out west.It will be hard to say goodbye, but I hope we make it to Oregon. The land there is supposed to be good for crops. I wonder what it will be like when we get there.

Last week, we ran out of food. We were all very hungry and scared. We were getting desperate, but father found a pack of buffalo. We finally got some food. Today we made it to Oregon! After walking for so long we finally get to rest. The land here looks pretty good, and I can't wait to start mt new life here.ter yourself

The Trail of Tears started when President Andrew Jackson didn't listen to what the Supreme Court had to say and got rid of all of the Cherokee Indians.

1. Make sure you have enough food to survive.2. Watch out for indians! Make sure you have a knife or a gun.3. Learn how to hunt wild animals.4. Be carful when crossing rivers!

'm excited to move out to the West! They say you can grow a lot more crops over there. It was my dad's idea to go west, he really wants a piece of land there. So, all of the family is coming, all five of us. We can start all over again in the west.

moving west!


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