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family glog

I am Kevin, this is my family. I would like to tell you about me. I am a Christian, My favorite hobby is building with Legos or K-nexs, my best friend is God my second is Cody.

Below is my sister Natalie she is a very nice girl! She sacrifices alot for me! She loves to go in her tree house to watch everything she is a very loving sister I love her to.

Now my brother justine is the new one! He was born to cry, He gets hungry alot, and his favorite word is Ugoooo! Even though he might do all this stuff,I still love him!

These are my parents! My dad is a really loving dad he does alot just for me, I love him alot. My mom is a hard working mom she does most of the chores around the house I am really thankful!

These are my pets they also are part of my family! Bolt is the most joyfulist,he is alway there when I am down. Sady saved my life! That is why she is my favorite dog,she is a very loving dog!


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