[2015] Austin Searfoss: Family

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[2015] Austin Searfoss: Family

Physical: Food, clothing, and shelterEmotional/Social: Feel safe, loved, and cared for. Learns how to make friends and work with othersIntellectual: Needs minds stimulated, can learn and be educated

Beginning stage: Establishes home and marriage relationshipParental stage 1: Prepares and adjusts to parenthoodParental stage 2: Children grow, parents give children their needs so they can reach independenceParental stage 3: Children leave home to support themselvesMiddle age: "Empty nest", couple renews relationshipRetirement: Stops full time work, adjusts to more free time

Keep cool: Calm down before things are said that aren't trueActive listening: Pay attention to what they say Positive body language: Sit up straight and keep eye contact

Building Strong Families

Nuclear: Mother, Father, at least 1 childSingle-parent: Mother or Father, at least 1 childBlended: Single person marrying someone who may or may not have kidsExtended: Parent/parents, at least 1 child, other relatives

Family Life Cycle

Family Structures

Handling Family Conflict

Children's Needs


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