Families & Diversity

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Families & Diversity

What does diversity mean?


"It means the words you use in the classroom are important"."It means the ways you talk about families, households, and lives outside of school are important.""It means assumptions you may have (and we all have them) must be confronted."Reference:Cox-Petersen, A. (2010) Educational partnerships: Connecting schools, families, and the community. Los Angeles: Sage.


Allow time for families and children to define themselves through individual conferences, “their family history” assignments, or even home visits.Invest time to allow parents to share their culture to the rest of the classroom through food, pictures, clothing, music, customes, or stories. Encourage parents to volunteer time in the classroom to share the mealtime, the reading time, or the playtime with their child to close the gap between home and classroom experience.

Forming partnerships

Fostering diversity

EDEL 552Laura Cux

Embrace and build-on children's assets, life experiences and cultural diversity.An educator has to be aware of the different family structures he/she serves. Children in our communities now days live with, one parent, two parents, grandparents, adoptive parents, extended family menbers, two fathers, two mothers, or guardian.



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