Families as partners in education

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Families as partners in education

Strategies to Build the Family Partnership

Validate students, their culture, and their family by using materials in the classroom that embrace difference.

Reconsidering the Family Tree Assignment

Families as Partners in Education

Class Materials that Celebrate Difference

Students and families can count the shapes they see in their home/community. Draw and record these shapes.Sutdents and families can observe and record the shape (phase) of the moon every night.(Cox-Petersen, 2011)

Interactive Homework

Provide parents with a survey or organizer prior to conferences to invite parental discussion and elaboration on these points during the conference.

Monthly Newsletter

Family and Education on Campus

Widening the Definition of Family

Children raised by grandparents

Same Sex Parents

Inter-racial Parents

The famiy tree needs to be much more fluid and free as families continue to grow more diverse."The structure and content should be inclusive of all students" Cox-Petersen, 2011, pg. 84).

Family Science NightsFamily Art NightsLiteracy Mornings (Read to your student in the classroom)