Familiar Reading

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Language Arts

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Familiar Reading

Familiar Reading

By: Glorie, Kirsten, Josi, Jennifer, and Christian

What is familiar reading?Familiar reading is rereading familiar texts and also includes students reading and rereading their own work, so I thought this activity was the best of both worlds. Students will listen to the teacher read a familiar story and write down words and/or phrases they like. Then, they will create a line poem that will become a part of the entire class poem. The students can then read and reread the class poem throughout the week and have it posted in the classroom or even perform it.

Characteristics of Familiar Reading:• Easy• Fluent• Flexible• Orchestrated

How is this apart of the literacy block?According to the powerpoint from class, familiar reading is not only rereading the same books but it is also students “reading at their own independent level and students choosing books themselves.”It is the last stop to the gradual “Teaching for Independence.” After modeling with read aloud, guided reading, shared reading, independent reading is the same thing as familiar reading.

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Model Procedures for Familiar Reading1.Model how to get the boxes and replace them.2.How to take all the books out and replace each one as it is read.3.How to begin reading again if all books are completed before familiar reading time is over.4.How to read orally, but quietly. 5.Demonstrate the signal for replacing the books and putting the boxes away.



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