Fame Upon Death: Henry Darger

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Fame Upon Death: Henry Darger

Fame Upon Death

Henry was placed in a Catholic boys' home.

Henry Darger was born on April 12, 1892 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S to Rosa Fullman and Henry Joseph Darger, Sr.


When he was 16, he returned to Chicago and found menial employment in a Catholic hospital and continued to support himself until he retired.

Henry died on April 13, 1973 (aged 81) in Chicago, Illinois. He died in the same institution his father died in.



His father died and Henry was placed in the Illinois Asylum for Feeble-Minded Children in Lincoln, Illinois.

Henry said that there were good times there in the asylum. While he was there, he received word that his father had died. A series of attempted escapes ended successfully in 1908.

Darger stayed in a second-floor room on Chicago. He was there for 43 years. Darger imagined and wrote massive stories, daily weather journals, and assorted diaries until his death.



Henry's Works



Henry Darger was born on April 12, 1892 in Chicago, Illinois. His mother died giving birth to her daughter that was soon given up for adoption. Henry never got to know his own sister. In 1905, he was placed in an asylum for feeble-minded children when his fater died. Henry made about 300 watercolor paintings. He was one of the most well-known artists of the twentieth century. He lived in a room for more than 40 years that he made an imaginary world for himself. Henry died on April 13, 1973 in Chicago Illinois. He died at age 81 in the exact same institution that his father had died in.

Henry Darger





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