Fame upon Death

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Fame upon Death

Fame Upon Death

Christa McAuliffeBiographyChrista was born in Boston, Massachussetts, on September 2, 1948. She was the first teacher and American civilian selected to go into space. Christa trained at the Johnson Space Center, and on January 28, 1986, Christa boarded the Challenger space shuttle in Orlando, Florida. A few seconds after take-off, the Challenger exploded killing everyone on the shuttle. After her death she was honored the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. To remember and honor her memory, a planetarium in Concord has been named after her, as well as an asteroid, and a crater on the moon.

Born: September 2, 1948- Boston, MA.Died: January 28, 1986- Orlando, FL.

Timeline:Born Sharon Christa Corrigan on September 2, 1948, in Boston, Massachusetts.Graduated from Marian High School in Framingham, Massachusetts, in 1966.Received a bachelor's degree in 1970, and soon after married Steven McAuliffe.Earned a master's degree in education from Bowie State College in 1978.Became the first American civilian & teacher selected to go into space in 1985.After being selected by NASA in 1985, she trained at the Johnson Space Center.On January 28, 1986, McAuliffe boarded the Challenger space shuttle in Orlando, Florida.The shuttle exploded shortly after take-off on January 28, 1986.

AccomplishmentsSelected out of thousands to go into space.First teacher to go into space.Went into space on January 28, 1986 after training for so long.


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