Fall of the Giants

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Fall of the Giants


The theme of this painting is that it has classical revivalism, realism, and humanism. It shows realism because it shows humans. It aso shows that this painting is clasical revialism because this painting is part of a story and greek.

Feature of painting

Giulio Romano

Fall of the Giants

Giulio Romano was an amazing painter and artist. He was born in Rome in 1492 . Once he got older he left to Munta, Italy and he was there until his death in November 1, 1546. After Raphels death Giulio Romano finished some of his unfinhed masterpieces, like the Transfiguration. Some of Romano's famous paintngs are The Holy Family, The Wedding Feast of Cupid and Psyche

Fall of the Giants was a painting painted in Palazzo del Te in Mantua Italy in 1532. It was also painted in a dome so when you would look up, you cna see all the beutiful features. Giulio Romano took his to to do this painting because he knew it would be a success.

Fall of the Giants has many features. When you look up to the dome you can acully see and picture the painting in your head. You can see how well it is painted. The person they look very realistic in many ways like how he added the little details of their musscel. I like how he did the clounds like if there was to be a storm like light in one side and grey in the other side.


The Wedding Feast of Cupid


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