Fall of Rome

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Fall of Rome

The Fall of Rome!

Polictical Reasons

After Commodus died, most of Rome's emperors were generals not politicians. Some generals often stole money from Rome's treasury. They used that money to bribe the army and become wealthy. From the stolen treasury, the economy lost stability, as well at the government. Later, the Senate lost power.

Military Reasons

The Roman army around the time of the fall was moslt filled with mercenaries. Mercenaries were soldiers who fought for Rome just to get paid. As Rome grew weak, many tribes of barbarians invaded Rome, and soon Rme was not conquering new lands. The army stayed and defended Rome. Since the army was not receiveing new wealth from the conquered lands, the econmy could not afford to pay the mercenaries.

Rome did not have a stable government anymore and since taxes and food prices and food increased, soon many Romans found themselves unemployed.

Social Reasons

Economic Reasons

Since Rome could not find any money topay the army, the government had to come up with a new way to make money. Therefore, theyinreased taxes. With very little food, they increasedthe price for food aswell. To pay for food, the governmenthad to produce more coins. Although, the value of thecoin depended on how much silver was in the coin. Sincethe government did not have that much money, they didnot have much silver. Overall, Roman coins were losing value. Soon their coins were worthless.

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