Fall of Five

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Fall of Five

Fall of Five

By Pittacus Lore

Ten years ago, nine childern from Lorien escaped the planet with their lives, leaving their home burning. After years of running and surviving, five of them join forces in Chicago, now all tenagers, as well as finiding a 'tenth' along the way. They are almost ready to fight back at those who destroyed their planet: The Mogadorians. The nine seek to kill their leader, Setrakus Ra, but they need all the Garde they can get. With one, two, and three dead, the only other still roaming Earth is Five. All they need to do is find Five, then finally face Seretkus Ra.

Ella is the youngest of all the Garde, she keeps having nightmares that the others belive are messages from Seretkus. She can also change her age, so even though she appears seven, Ella was born eleven years ago.

Four, or John, was the first of the Garde to join forces, along with Six. His best friend is Sam.

Sam is the first human to learn about the Loric, besids his Dad. He has befreinded John at high School and has a mild crush on Six.

The Garde, currently in Chicago, find news about a crop circle showing the loric symbol for Five. Along with that, there was a post about him being in Arkansas. The Garde find him there, along with Sam, who recently escaped from a Mog prison. They return back to Chicago for training, only to find Five seems a bit unusual. Meanwhile, Ella keeps on waking up in panic, claiming she had a nightmare. But these aren't any ordinary nightmares, as the Garde suspect they might be messages from Setrakus Ra.

Each of The Garde has a set of legacies that they devolop at around the age of eleven. These can range from telepapy, shape- shifting, of Fire resestance. They all devolop Telekinis at some point. Another cool thing is that they can only be killed in oreder, first One, the Two, etc, untill two or more of them join forces, which causes the charm to break. They were also sent to Earth with a Loric mentor without Legacies, called a Cepan.

" I am Setrakus Ra. Supreme Commander of the Mogadorian Emprire, engineer of the Great Expansion, beloved leader." he bared his teeth in what I relized was supposed to be a smile. "Et cetera"Page 5

Most of the Fall of Five takes place at the John Hancok Center in Chicago, but some of the setting is in New Mexico and Arizona as well.


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