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Social Studies
American History

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This map showes where the root Lewis and Clark took during the expedition.

This was the letter to Merimether Lewis from Thomas Jefferson asking hi if he will serve in the army.

Meriwether Lewis was born on August 18,1774. He died in 1809.

Hi i am Mariwether Lewis.

Meriwether Lewis died ba\ecause of a gunshot wound, No one new if he had shot him self of if someone was tring to kill him.

Meriwwether Lewis teamed up with William Clark to explopre the Louisiana Tarritory.

Thomas Jefferson was a good friend to Meriwether Lewises family.

Meriwether lewises journels where published after his death.

Meriwether Lewis was a ppoint govorn of the Louisiana Tarritory in 1808. That would be one year befor he had died.



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