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faith haines

Homelessness in America is a big problem!In Missouri, there was a 42% Increase in homelessness in a 5 year period.30% of homeless people are families with children!

44% of single men are homeless13%of single women are homeless 36% of familes with childen are homeless7% of accompanied minors are homelessthe homeless populartion are50% african american35% white12% hispanic 2% native american 1% asian 28% said they sometime or often do not get enough to eat, compared with 12% of poor american adults. 44% did paid work 21% recieved income from family members or friends 66% have problems with alcohol, drug abuse, or mental illness22% have been physically assaulted 7% have been sexuallly assaulted 38% say someone stole money or things directly from them 30% have been homeless for more than two years100 million people worldwide were homeless


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