Fairy Inkcap

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Fairy Inkcap

Habitat:Britain, Ireland, throughout Europe and North America, it is also being found in most parts of Asia, Australia, and South America. They occur from early spring until the beginning of winter in rotting tree stumps and roots.What it feeds on:It feeds on rotting timber. It is also a vegetarian that doesn't eat 'second hand' food that an animal already ate.How it reproduces:it has a simple bipolar matin-type estimated to have more than 100 different mating types.Is this mushroom toxic:No, this mushroom is not toxic.it can be use for cooking.

Fairy Inkcap

Coprinellus disseminatusby: Pamela

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what i think about my mushroom... and some interesting facts!

I think the mushroom got the name "Fairy Inkcap" because the mushroom looks like a fairy ink cap.Some interesting facts about the Fairy incap are: 1. It is an extremely fragile mushroom (if you grab it the caps crumble very fast).2. It is weird to see just one Fairy Incap, most of the time they grow in masses


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