Fahrenheit 451

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Fahrenheit 451

BOOK: Fahrenheit 451By: Ray Bradbury

One of the themes is Fire. Firemen relate to that theme easily because they are the ones who set the fires.Burning is another part of that theme too because the firemen use fire to burn the books and houses. Fire is one of the central themes.

Destruction is also another one of the themes of Fahrenheit 451. What really relates to this theme is that they burn down houses which is destruction of property. Another part of that was the destruction of books in such a bad way, burning. One last thing that relates to destruction is the destruction of quiet times where you can sit and read in my opinion.



Guy Montag is the Main Character because he is the main person mention in Fahrenheit 451 and because he is the protagonist.At his side, his wife Mildred Montag is also one of the main characters. She, Along with Captain Beatty are also mentioned alot and they both affect Guy Montag's life.

Another Theme is books. This is what the story is all about. Books are the cause of the fire and burning of the houses with the fire. Books were useless information that was despised by the law. Keeping books was illegal. If you kept books and the firemen found you out or got an alarm, your house would be burned and you would be sent to jail. Fahrenheit 451 is all about the books.

Montag is a fireman. Firemen set houses with books in them on fire. Montag is an ordinary fireman until one day when a girl comes and he refects on what he has done. After a while he does not feel to good about burning things and people so he steals some books for himself and eventuall gets caught and is forced to burn his house down. He then runs away to escape from police and the city and he meets some men that did the same thing and who liked books.




Fahrenheit 451