Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Are You Happy?

Such a simple question, but one that shatters Montag's reality. Montag finds himself questioning everything and everyone around him after meeting the curious Clarisse. Montag relishes the talks with Clarisse where he can explore the newfound curiosity he has for the world and learn what it means to talk with someone. Montag becomes agitated by the curiosity to open the books that he saved from destruction over the years.

Clarisse Awakens Montag

The House Call

After Clarisse vanishes, Montag answers his most disturbing house call yet where a woman burns herself before letting the firemen destroy her books. Montag begins to question Captain Beaty about the nature of their job and calls in sick for the first time in his career. Captain Beaty encourages Montag to learn why books made people feel inferior and create controversy by reading the one that Montag stole from the lady.

Montag Finds a Teacher

Fahrenheit 451by Ray Bradbury

Montag Faces Beaty

Montag becomes frustrated by the differences between reading and understanding books so he seeks out Faber who can help him understand books. Montag learns that books are only part of the solution to what plagues him. Montag and Faber begin to plot against other firemen, but Montag worries that his thoughts remain controlled by others.

Montag's next house call finds him standing in front of his own house and against his former Captain. Montag is hit with quotes from books by Beaty trying to show Montag that books are traitors needing destroyed. Montag chooses to find his own way by running away from everything he's ever known but doing so in the comfort of his own choice.

Montag Finds Freedom

Montag escapes the city and finds himself surrounded by book fanatics living through shared knowledge of books and what they mean. As Montag settles in with them, his old life and everyone in it are decimated by an atomic weapon that finally brings peace and quiet to a place destroyed by distractions.


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