[2015] 4CarterB: Fahrenheit 451

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[2015] 4CarterB: Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451By: Ray Bradbury Carter Billings 4th

A man named Guy Montag is a fireman with the job of burning books. As Montag's life goes on and the problems with wife, Mildred, continue, he begins to talk to a girl named Clairesse, who opens up new ideas towards the books and the past for Montag. As time goes on, Clairesse disapprears and Montag ends up stealing a copy of The Bible from a burning house. Montag gets in touch with an old english professor named Faber to help him understand the messages in the books. As time goes on, the fire captain, Beatty, finds out about Montag after he receives a call from Mildred reporting Montag's books. Beatty forces Montag to burn his house along with the books. When montag is finished, Beatty puts him under arrest, but Montag escapes by burning Beatty to death. Montag then evades the police and meets this group of scholars that hides outside of town. They tell Montag they have all memorized books to copy them down when society is ready for books again. In that moment, fighter planes bomb the city. Finally, Montag and his group go to rebuild society.



1. Censorship does not make an equel society. Through out the novel the goverment censors what people read and see. This effects many, but not all. Few still keep and study banned books. Censorship does not make equility, censorship creates a divide. 2. Ignorance is the enemy of knowledge. In the novel, people blindly and ignorantly follow the censorship laws. These same people persecute the knowledge of those brave enough to keep the books. The ignorance of the nation shadows the brilliance of the few.


1. Faber is an old enlish professor who helps Montag make sense of the books he has taken. Throughout the novel Faber is characterized as a coward through his action. "I am a cowardly old fool"(Bradbury 97). 2. Montag is a fireman who has a change of heart and decides to try and understand the novels instaed of burning them. Faber decribes Montag as this. "You are a hopelss romantic" (Bradbury 89).

The novel takes place in a futuristic, dystopian society where books have been banned. This is significant because it leads to the overall conflict in the novel.

1. Montag has a flashback to the park where he first spoke to and met Faber for the first time. 2. Montag and the group of scholars symbolize a phoenix who rises from the ashes and rebuilds. They do this after the fighter jets destroy the city.

Literary Devices


Last Line

"When we reach the city"(Bradbury 179)This signifies the plans to rebuild the city and what Montag has to offer. Montag has memorized a book of The Bible and along with the others and their memorized literature, Montag will rebuild the city.


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