Faculty Teamwork

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Faculty Teamwork

* A new teacher to Team Wonder , Ms. Prior, disagrees with the implementation of the American West culminating project. *Ms. Prior prefers a more traditional, classroom-based Westward Ho activity that her team did last year. *The rest of Team Wonder agrees and is frustrated that Ms. Prior objects to every suggestion they have. *Frontier Day is coming up, and Ms. Goode is invited to the team meeting to help provide a solution.

* Cohesive Middle School has effective leadership, community support, a strong school culture and a very dedicated teaching staff. * Principal Goode believes in staff teamwork and has setup each grade level teaching staff in group cohorts-- one of which is Team Wonder. *Frontier Day is coming and is an important tradition for the 8th graders.


Faculty TeamworkAmbyr Acton


*Ms. Goode should follow the steps for leading meetings to resolve disagreements and play the role as a facilitator/ mediator if needed. *Ms. Goode's goal should be to get team members to compromise on what to do about the project, and to ensure that curricular disagreements are handled with respect and cohesion in the future.


Underlying Beliefs: * Ms. Goode believes in letting the team come to a consensus without administrative intervention. * This might have caused the problem to get worse than needed because she didn't step in to resolve the conflict sooner.

Domain #1: Competency 1C: implement strategies to ensure the development of collegial relationships and effective collaboration.Competency 1F: use strategies for involving all stakeholders in planning processes to enable the collaborative development of a shared campus vision focused on teaching and learningCompetency 2B: apply skills for building consensus and managing conflictDomain #2:Competency 7C: frame, analyze, and resolve problems using appropriate problem-solvingtechniques and decision-making skills.Competency 7D: use strategies for promoting collaborative decision making and problem solving,facilitating team building, and developing consensus

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Domains and Competencies

Additional Analysis

Agree to Cooperative Process

Set purpose and acknowledge conflict

Clarify positions and analyze underlying beliefs

Consider using formal evaluation and decision-making processes where appropriate. Techniques such as Quantitative Pros and Cons, Force Field Analysis, Paired Comparison Analysis, and Cost/Benefit Analysis Plan are among those that could help.

Reach agreement and execute plan


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