Facts On Sydney In Australia

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Facts On Sydney In Australia

Sydney's Population is 4.7million people.The people ther speak English, Italian, Greek, and Arabic.Sydney is in the Continent Australia.Sydney's goverment is the Australian Government. There are 3 legs in there goverment legislative, judicial, and executive.

Tony Abbot is the Prime Minister or leader in Sydney.Sydney's climate is rainy and drouts. Map of sydney is below.Sydney's time zone is called AESTThis is were Sydney is located Lat/long: 33°52'S / 151°12'E

Sydney, AustraliaBy: Eastin Heneha

Sydney was voted number 7 in most liveable cities. The famous opera house host a minimum of 3,000 shows a year.Sydney was founded on January 26, 1778. Sydney is in the county Cumberland.

Sydney is the 12 most expensive city in the world.Sydney has the 3rd biggest fish market in the world.Sydney takes about 20% of Australia’s population.Sydney was the first British colony made in Australia. Someone that lives in Sydney is called a Sydneysider.

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