Facts About Queen Elizabeth II of England

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Facts About Queen Elizabeth II of England

The Queen was born in a private home at 17 Bruton St., London, on April 21, 1926. (The house was owned by the Queen's first cousins.) She was baptized on May 29, 1926, in the private chapel at Buckingham Palace and was confirmed on March 28, 1942, in the private chapel at Windsor Castle.

She doesn’t have a passport.Despite being history’s most widely traveled head of state—she has reportedly visited 116 countries during her 60-year reign—Elizabeth does not hold a passport. Since all British passports are issued in the queen’s name, she herself doesn’t need one. She also doesn’t require a driver’s license, though she has been known to take joyrides around her various estates in her Range Rover.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip first met when they attended the wedding of Prince Philip's cousin, Princess Marina of Greece to The Duke of Kent, who was an uncle of Princess Elizabeth, in 1934.

Facts About Queen Elizabeth II of England

The Queen is the first British monarch to have celebrated a Diamond Wedding Anniversary.

. She speaks fluent French and often uses the language for audiences and state visits. She does not require an interpreter.

Her real birthday is April 21, but it is celebrated officially in June.

The Queen's childhood nickname was Lilibet, because she couldn't pronounce Elizabeth properly.


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