Factory Farming

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Factory Farming

Factory farms don't give animals enough room to move around and force them to live in unsanitary conditions.

Factory farms are ruining the American agricultural system

Factory Farming

The confined spaces these animals live in leads to more infections and sickness. This means that the foods you buy are more likely to be chocked full of antibiotics or still be tainted by the illness. The large amounts of waste also contribute to the recent increase in Ecoli bacteria contaminating our foods.

Factory farms produce 99% of all food produced in the United States. Each farm can contain approximately 125,000 animals. The large numbers of livestock contained in the small areas results in overcrowded farms. These farms are usually controlled by large food producers, this means that they can control the process from farm to table.

The waste from these large farms collects and forms toxic waste that is harmful for the enviroment.This waste is dumped into the water sources around the farms. This pollutes the water and makes it unsanitary.