Factors Affecting Behaviour

by Jojo71
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Social Studies

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Factors Affecting Behaviour

Factors Affecting Behaviour

TIMEo time dayo transition timeso caregiver goes awayo requests - need time for processing

Locationo might move frequentlyo think location is all the same o different

Internal Factors

COGNITIONAbuse or neglect may cause cognitive delays.o academic problemso failure to ask for assistanceo unable to understand cause and effect relationshipsCOMMUNICATION

ATTENTION-lack of attention, malnutrition, abuse, neglect or abandonment issues-child acts out in an effort to gain a general emotional connection and positive attention o unresponsiveo withdrawno avoidanto shuns relationshipso does not accept comfort when giveno steal, lie, impulsive, defiant, abuse others, self-destructive

o child acts outo has not learned how to communicate with otherso blame others for their mistakes or challenges MENTAL HEALTHo anxietyo depressiono withdrawalo fearo sadnesso lack of compassion and remorse for their actionso negative beliefs about themselves, life and other relationships

External Factors

AUDIENCEo often multiple caregiverso might seek attention from anyone o because think all the same


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