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Algebra I

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DefinitionA factorial is the multiplication of a number times all numbers smaller than it so that 5!=5x4x3x2x1=120.Factorials are used in probability, mostly in the are of combinations (when the order of a group k with objects n does not matter) and premutations (when the order does matter).


Factorials 1-25

5! Tree


By: Samuel Garcia Period 3

As you can see, the values increase rapidly, reaching very large proportions

5! can be used in probability, this tree shows all the possible arrangements for 5 objeccts in the area of premutations

This is de definition of a factorial in terms of n (the value is decreasing) note that 0!=1 if 0!=0 all factorials would be 0

Real Life Applications:Factorials are the basis of probability. They can, for example, help determine the possible arrangements for a group of people or how many possible phone numbers can exist.

Reflection:In order to understand any topic, it is crucial to understand its basis. Learnig factorials helped us do this because it is the fundamental concept of probability. I believe that it was important to start here before going into deeper concepts, and I hope that the students in ASFG use this knowledge and later apply it to their work. I learned a lot about this fundamental concept by attempting to go deeper and deeper into its roots.


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