Facial reconstruction

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Human Anatomy

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Facial reconstruction

Facial Reconstruction

3D Sculpting By Gabe H

Determine the sex, age, race of the skull. (These will all be the factors in the end resault.)

80 hours of IAI approved forensic art training2 years of experience as a forensic artist30 forensic art cases min.submit a portfolio demonstrating his/hers forensic art techniques and cases


-Mark the skull for tissue thickness. (pecific positions =>Click Here)-Add glass eyes

-Add faical muscles (in correct positions)-Add clay around the markers to get the depth of soft tissue. (Over muscles)

Finish adding small artistic touches to give the face more realism. (dipple the clay with a wet sponge to make the skin look more real)

Step 1

Forensic Science


Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Markers are predetermined by approximation tables set by race and gender.

The less detail the better so someone is more likely to identify that person.

Video on adding Facial muscles (Click here)

Soft tissue contains; fats, dermis and epidermis of skin


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