FaceTime-Matthew and Rachel

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FaceTime-Matthew and Rachel

FaceTimeBy Matthew and Rachel

Bibliography *www.apple.com./au/ipad/built-in=apps/facetime/html*en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FaceTime

What does it look like?*there are two screens, one small, one large*you appear in the small one*the person you are talking to appears in the large box*the home screen icon is a video camera.

When was it developed and by who?.Steve Jobs.Announced on 07/06/10.Released for iPad2 on 02/03/11.Released on 08/09/10

How does it work?*Left button disables audio*Centre button ends Facetime*Right button switches cameras

How Has it helped us?* By calling friends or family from overseas or from far away

The genius behind this amazing communication applicationSTEVE JOBS



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